Chromatic Grays

Transform a limited palette with this series of eight highly chromatic and distinctive grays. Expertly compounded from bright complements, including Cadmium Yellow, each of these eight uniquely colorful grays brings a real sense of light and space and are outstanding when included in a mixture.

Available individually or as A Set of Color and Light, the complete set, in your choice of both 40ml size tubes or the larger 175ml size tubes.

All milled with the finest alkali refined Linseed Oil in limited quantities for a naturally drying durable paint film. 800-932-9375

  • Bluff - Evoking a sense of light out of reach, this pale neutral can be used as both a uniquely warming opaque white or as an effective modifier of more robust colors.
  • Ship Rock - Bringing a hazy distant warmth to mixtures, this light warm gray makes warm or cool colors more atmospheric without any dulling.
  • Adobe - Soft, sandy orange, medium light in value to enable more subtle changes to a mixture with distinctive warmth.
  • Shale - Semi-transparent very dark maroon to deepen other cool colors without dulling or changes to hue. Deepest of the grays, Shale is a great choice to use for drawing with your brush as a near but more atmospheric black.
  • Jasper - Deep in value, warm yet neutral, Jasper can bring a sense of invading shadow to a mixture as it tames brightness, and imparts a dark haziness.
  • Silver Point - Cool mixing, medium value neutral gray that brings a subtle blue to mixtures. Brings out the undertone of a cool transparent dark, transforming Phthalo's and other modern pigments into rich jewels of color.
  • Cedar - The most distinctly green of the grays, opaque and warm. Reading as the warmth of sunlight on foliage, Cedar is ideal for mixing to make other greens with blues or to modify existing greens.
  • Bice - Unique medium light, semi-opaque soft blue, Bice instantly complements warms into colorful notes of gray or creates velvety mixtures as it lightens dark cool bright colors.