• Our paint is rich with pigment for a beautiful chroma with high tinting strength. A painter's paint!
  • Traditional formulation, skillfully crafted by hand with the finest alkali refined Linseed Oil in very limited quantities.
  • Our oil paints do not contain fillers, wax, commercial thickening agents, and additives that easily produces a thick dry heavy paint which results in low chroma, poor tinting strength, and a sticky brush feel.

A Genuine Atelier since 1995..

NEW French and Italian Earth selections available!

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Yellow & Orange Sale! Genuine pure Cadmium Yellows, Cadmium Oranges, Nickel Titanates, and a completely lightfast Indian two new earth colors from Cyprus and France. Click on any of the sale colors posted below for additional size options and information. Purchase online, in person, or call us at 800-932-9375

Sale pricing starts now on the Yellow & Orange choices, and continues through October 31, 2017. Be sure to sign up, at the bottom of the page, to receive our weekly emailings for the Yellow & Orange Sale.