• Scott L. Christensen

    "Vasari is simply the best quality paint on the market. The emulsion is perfect with a buttery consistency that is superb. No other paint compares."

  • Sherrie McGraw

    "I think that we artists today are lucky to have such a special paint company in our midst. Vasari is the rebirth of artisans of old, when the 'art' of making paint was understood. You know this better than I, Gail. Conversations with Steve made this distinction very clear. I did not know that how many times you mull a color changes the intensity and quality of the paint. Let me just say that I am so grateful that Vasari exists in my lifetime. You can quote me!"

  • David Kassan

    "Vasari has been a trusted friend on my painting journey for the last 12 years. Vasari is hands down the best oil paint on the market thanks to its unique hues, handling properties, purity and density of pigment."

  • Casey Childs

    "As an artist, I want to create my best possible work. I recognized early on that to accomplish this goal I would need to use the finest materials. Vasari Oil Colors are precisely that-a handcrafted paint of the highest quality. What I discovered when I began using them is how much easier painting had become. Vasari paints are highly pigmented, allowing me to more easily achieve rich color mixtures. Very little mixing is required to yield a desired color. I love the soft and buttery feel Vasari oils have straight from the tube, and I find myself adding little to no medium when working with them. I recommend Vasari oils not only for their impeccable quality, but for how well they simplify my painting process!"

  • Charles Young Walls

    "Charles has always been effusive in his praise for Vasari, for he feels that it would be impossible to overstate the quality of their paint. For many years now, he has used Vasari almost exclusively...So what is it that makes their paint so great? Well, Vasari Oils are handcrafted all the way. The pigments are precisely ground and mixed by hand in small batches without fillers of any kind. They are then loaded into their tubes, crimped and labeled by hand as well. Because of all this hands-on attention they are able to make the colors much more heavily pigmented than other brands. This results in a palette of jewel-like brilliance. So many times when Charles is setting up for a demonstration, people in the audience will see these vibrant colors and exclaim 'What is THAT!'"

    A Surprise Visit from Vasari's Master Paintmaker Posted May 12, 2009, by Heather Walls

  • Sharon Sprung

    "Oil Paint is a very sensual medium; I use Vasari, which is a fabulous handmade paint. ... Vasari is just so beautiful. It's like little jewels of paint. The colors are very saturated and work beautifully together. There are times during the day when I am mixing paint that I have to remind myself to stop. Moving the paint around with a palette knife and seeing subtle gradations of the colors as I mix, it is often hard for me to stop and get to putting it on the canvas."

    from the leading feature article by Stephanie Cassidy, "On Teaching: Sharon Sprung" in Atelier magazine, Spring 2018, The Magazine of the Arts Students League of New York.

    imaged here on the cover is Sharon Sprung.