About Us

Like the painter’s apprentice, we still carefully handcraft our colors in small amounts and even fill every tube by hand.

These traditional methods of paintmaking ensure the purity of color and lush consistency, enabling us to impart the secret of the Old Masters to the modern day painter. Working with only the best oil and the finest authentic pigments, we passionately refuse to dull, stiffen, or weaken our colors with fillers such as chalk or wax.

Vasari Classic Artists' Oil Colors was established by master paintmaker Stephen Salek. Stephen continues to personally guide every aspect of the Vasari Oil Colors process, from the selection of raw materials to the nuanced balance of our proprietary colors.

Our small team of veteran paintmakers ensure that every tube of oil color that leaves our workshop in New Jersey meets his uncompromising standards.

Our Colors

Our line of colors of course includes the traditional colors that have been the staple of artists over time, but we’ve also taken the classic paintmaking techniques of the old masters and brought them into the 21st century with the addition of modern pigments unavailable to previous generations. 

In addition, we offer a line of proprietary colors, carefully developed pigment combinations exclusive to Vasari Classic Artists’ Oil Colors and not available from other makers.

Our oil colors are so vibrantly rich with pigment, so buttery smooth and consistent in their flow characteristics, that painting with them is a different experience.

Vasari Classic Artists’ Oil Colors can help you take your painting to another level.