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Vasari Classic Artists' Oil Colors

z Modern Impressionist Set

z Modern Impressionist Set

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Vibrant, colorful, and crisp sets the palette for this modern color selection composed of warm and cool tints reminiscent of The California Impressionists and Plein Aire painters, along with a few of our favorites that come to mind…Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Wayne Thiebaud.  These modern high-chroma tints are a great addition to your color range and painters of all spectrums.

Set includes 3 new colors:  Orchid, Brilliant Lemon Light, and Ruby Violet Light!

Modern Impressionist Set - Presented in a slim, cardboard box with foam lining for safe and easy transport. Eight colors in 40ml size tubes:

  • Ruby Violet Light - Ideal for landscape and floral subject matter, our Ruby Violet Light adds colorful opacity and a touch of shadow to warm transparent reds and yellows.
  • Orchid - Luminous but cool soft violet tint. Useful as an opaque colorful highlight in landscapes and still lifes or to complement warm earth colors to create colorful neutrals.
  • Rosebud - Clean and bright, yet soft and natural, our Rosebud is a unique warm tint to use instead of white. An opaque pink that's great for modifying intense transparent colors while adding opacity and warmth to the mix.
  • Brilliant Yellow Light - Adding warmth, opacity and a bit of sunlight to mixtures, our Brilliant Yellow Light is a clean mixing strong light yellow. Great as a warm white or to soften overly bright colors with its warm glow.
  • Brilliant Lemon Light - Bright and cool yellow tint that mixes cleanly to bring a colorful opacity and distinct value change to transparent colors.
  • Rousseau Green Extra Pale - Soft yet strong, this warm pale yellow green brings opacity to transparent colors, mixing like a rich yellow as it warms and lightens value.
  • Video Blue Extra Pale - Delicate sky blue, cool and much lighter than the Video Blue, but still vibrant. Complements warm pinks into silvery grays.
  • King's Blue - Bright, luminous medium light blue, this richly pigmented tint is warm in hue, yet very versatile for mixing both warms and cools. Makes unique greens and violets....and just about anything else!


California Art ClubVincent Van GoghWayne Thiebaud 

First painting: Green River Lands, Wayne Thiebaud, Oil on canvas, 72 x 48 inches 1998

Second painting: The Sower, Vincent Van Gogh, Oil on canvas, 1888

Visit our blog for The Modern Impressionist Set post exploring these bright tints paired with modern museum Masterpieces and mixing examples.

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