Lead White Oil Ground

$ 99.30

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Classic heavy paste “ceruse” ground containing basic carbonate of lead, natural calcium carbonate and linseed oil, formulated for maximum opacity and uniform absorbency.

A leaner, stronger, and more flexible paint film than titanium, lead white must be treated with care in regard to clean working habits and safe studio procedures. Although toxic, it is still a valuable ground, prized for its luminosity and great permanence.

White grounds allow paintings to retain their original brightness of color over time as the painted layers become less opaque. To be thinned with solvent and applied with a brush or knife over sized support.

Drying time per coat: from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on temperature, humidity, and air movement across surface.

Note: 32oz. Qt. size option is now fulfilled as two 16oz. pint cans

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