A Simple Daily Life - Pierre Bonnard Selection

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Pierre Bonnard, was a French painter who worked mainly from his memory, using drawing and photography as a preliminary tool for painted works. Bonnard would record what it was that interested him, making notes on the observation of color and later start the painting in his studio.

 "I have all my subjects to hand, I go back and look at them. I take notes. Then I go home. And before I start painting I reflect, I dream.” - Pierre Bonnard 

Identified as a late practitioner of Impressionism, Bonnard has since been recognized for his unique, intuitive use of color. With paintings such as Dinning Room On The Garden 1934-35, Bonnard explodes with his charged use of bold yellows, ochres, blues and violets melding together a domestic interior, forms merging with one another creating an overall image of vibrant planes and shapes. 

Pierre Bonnard Selection- Presented in a slim, lightweight card box with inner foam cushion for easy transport in a backpack or tote, set includes eight 40ml size tubes:

  • Titanium White 
  • Brilliant Lemon 
  • Naples Orange 
  • Ruby Red
  • Manganese Violet 
  • Cerulean Blue 
  • French Ochre Havane Genuine 
  • Cyprus Umber Deep Genuine 


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