Sharon's Class Demo

Sharon Sprung's class group photo at our Chelsea showroom

We were delighted to welcome Sharon Sprung and a group of her students from The Art Students League on May 19th to our newly reopened Chelsea showroom on West 27th Street in NYC.

Gathered around our mixing table for a color demonstration, participants taking Sharon's Painting from Life class were keen to ask and get answers to their technical questions about paint and the painting process.

How completely different each of the white pigments mix was included as we put out on the table our pure Titanium White, pure Flake White, and pure Zinc White to show the distinct changes in value, temperature and even the physical properties of the resulting mixtures. Differences between modern pigments and the traditional earth and mineral colors were demonstrated and why all are valuable for a painter's palette.

Sharon Sprung's class visit to our Chelsea showroom

Thank you to Je and Donna for sharing the group photos!

The Female Eye

Gallery Henoch presents The Female Eye, a group exhibition of 11 contemporary female realist painters investigating their present-day truths. The Female Eye opened on September 19th with an invite-only benefit for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and continues on view to the public through October 22, 2019, at 555 West 25th St., New York, NY.

Located in Chelsea's Gallery District, Gallery Henoch has a history of recognizing and promoting female artists since its founding in the 1960's. This exhibition of primarily oil paintings is the gallery's first attempt to do a show focused solely on the work of women.

Shown above is: Nature/Nurture, by Sharon Sprung, oil on panel, 36 x 36 inches.

A note from Sharon Sprung: "I have always felt that my paintings are diffuse self-portraits - and that particles of my inner and outer life as a female artist are reflected in my work." 

Shown below is: Serendipity, by Sharon Sprung, oil on panel, 42 x 42 inches.

A detail of this work graces the cover of the accompanying catalog for the show. To learn more, visit the Gallery Henoch website. To view more of Sharon Sprung's oils, visit her website here.

Painting From Life, Portraiture

Work from Sharon Sprung's morning class, Painting From Life, Portraiture, came up for exhibition on February 4, 2019, in this year's The Student Concours at The Art Students League of New York. On view for just a week in the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery at The League, 215 West 57th St., New York, NY, this show of primarily oil paintings can be seen Mon-Fri, 9am to 8pm and on Saturday, from 9am to 2pm when it will close.

Imaged here is an oil painting by Noah Jordan

To learn more about attending classes, workshops, or to download a current schedule, visit The Art Students League of New York website.

Visit a new post on our blog to view more images from the show.