Congratulations Sharon Sprung!

Congratulations Sharon Sprung!

First Lady Michelle Obama, by Sharon Sprung, oil on panel

Yes! Sharon Sprung's official White House Portrait of Michelle Obama was at last unveiled in a ceremony on September 7, 2022, in the East Room of the White House.

Above:  First Lady Michelle Obama, by Sharon Sprung, oil on panel, 44 x 36 inches  White House Collection, Washington, DC     photo credit: White House Historical Association

We are thrilled for Sharon whose beautiful oil portrait of the former First Lady is now on display in Washington, DC, as part of The White House Collection.

Sharon Sprung in her studio, photo credit: Lila Barth for The New York Times

Sharon Sprung, imaged above, in her studio. photo credit: Lila Barth for The New York Times

Here's some of what Sharon had to say about the painting and her eight month endeavor to complete it:

"It's the longest I ever worked on one painting, and I worked on it day and night, and I said good morning to her and I said good night to her. I had swatches of all the material I was painting.

And I knew it was done when she started to breathe. That's my goal in portrait paintings - it's when the person starts to be alive to me and I can interact with them. Then I know I am close." - Sharon Sprung

Sharon has assembled a wonderful montage of pictures, press, and various media coverage on her commission to paint Michelle Obama and the unveiling of the Obama portraits. Visit her website here to view it in detail. 

This is Sharon Sprung's third commissioned portrait on display in Washington, DC! Sprung also painted the portrait of the first woman to ever serve in Congress, Jeannette Rankin, and the portrait of Patsy Mink, another ground-breaking noted Representative from the state of Hawaii. Visit our post on Patsy Mink here.

Gallery Henoch will present Sharon Sprung's seventh solo show, featuring recent figurative paintings along with examples of important portrait commissions, this October, from the 6th through the 29th, in Chelsea. Visit The Art of Sharon Sprung here to learn more about Sharon's distinguished career.





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