Sharon Sprung

“Oil paint is a very sensual medium; I use Vasari, which is a fabulous handmade paint. ... Vasari is just so beautiful. It’s like little jewels of paint. The colors are very saturated and work beautifully together. There are times during the day when I am mixing paint that I have to remind myself to stop. Moving the paint around with a palette knife and seeing subtle gradations of the colors as I mix, it is often hard for me to stop and get to putting it on the canvas.”  - Sharon Sprung

from the leading feature article by Stephanie Cassidy, “On Teaching: Sharon Sprung” in Atelier magazine, Spring 2018, The Magazine of the Arts Students League of New York.

imaged here on the cover is Sharon Sprung.

To view her amazing work, visit Sharon Sprung’s website here for her latest news.


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