Ellen Berkenblit - Other Shapes at Night

Guinevere and Romeo, 2021 by Ellen Berkenblit

Other Shapes at Night is the third solo show of oil paintings by Ellen Berkenblit at Vielmetter Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.

On view in Gallery II, the exhibit runs from March 12 through May 7, 2022

A full presentation of the show is available online at Vielmetter Los Angeles, showcasing each work with images and details as well as an insightful essay commenting on her recent work:

"In many of her new works, all painted over the last year, the palette has shifted and warmed, her usual bright colors now wrapped in a diffused, warm light, not dissimilar to the potent interaction of incandescent streetlights and high levels of humidity. The resulting body of work is dreamlike and surreal, heightening the suggestive nature of the artist's compositions, drawing the viewer into an evocative interior space."

Visit the gallery's Artists linkĀ here to view iconic examples of Ellen's past work.

Guinevere and Romeo, 2021 by Ellen Berkenblit is imaged above and in the show announcement.

Ellen Berkenblit: The Clock Unlocked

The Clock Unlocked is the first exhibition to encompass works from over four decades of New York painter Ellen Berkenblit's practice.

On view at Anton Kern Gallery, New York, NY, from September 12 through October 20, 2018, Berkenblit's paintings and drawings are uniquely installed salon style, and presented in conjunction with her new monograph Lines.

Spanning an entire wall is Sunshine (2018), by Ellen Berkenblit, imaged here, (oil, paintstick, and charcoal) - the artist's largest canvas to date at over 16 feet in length.

Visit the exhibition page at for more details, and the artist's website at