Paint Grand Traverse 2018 August 22 2018

Paint Grand Traverse 2018, the inaugural six day plein air painting festival, was presented by Crooked Tree Arts Center, in northern Michigan, August 13-18, 2018.

Congratulations to Jim DeWildt and Mark Shasha recipients of our sponsorship awards!

Paint Grand Traverse 2018 included a Masters Competition of 44 artists from across the country, an open to the public Quick Draw Event, numerous live demos, and a Gala Celebration & Sale at week's end.

The Masters Competition began the week painting on Leelanau Peninsula with stunning views at Ciccone Vineyard and Winery, Leland Fishtown, and 9 Beans Farmstead. Shown here is Fishtown, the historic fishing district of the village of Leland.

Visit our blog for more details of this premier event!