Eric Aho: Headwater

Yrjö, 2021 by Eric Aho

Eric Aho debuts a new series of paintings in Eric Aho: Headwater now on view at the Burlington City Arts Center, Burlington, VT through June 5, 2022.

A "Virtual Artist Talk" is planned for April 6th at 6pmEST. Visit the BCA Center exhibition page here to register for the talk, tour the exhibit & Eric's studio, and to view the entire BCA Center gallery guide for the show.

Featured in the guide is Eric Aho's compelling and powerful Artist Statement about his work and what painting from life and nature is:

"... The landscape is a hanger of sorts on which to drape new observations and curiosities. In it are infinite arrangements and possibilities for painting, and clues to the enduring modern puzzle of figuration and abstraction.

These new works are vestiges of actual places, each unearthed, reshaped, and reconstructed in the studio compelled by memory and invention. They're immensities made intimate; painting them is an attempt to wrangle time and reality ..."

Yrjö, 2021 by Eric Aho is imaged above.

To view more of Eric's paintings and exhibitions, visit his website here.


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