Professor Richard Whitten and his students from Rhode Island College mixing colors at our Chelsea NYC showroom

Class Visit from Rhode Island College

Class visit to our Chelsea showroom from students of Prof. Richard Whitten, Rhode Island College, mixing colors from the samples on our demo table.

We were delighted to welcome back Professor Richard Whitten, and his Painting Class from Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, for their annual visit to our Chelsea showroom in NYC, on March 31, 2023.

Imaged above, his students spent the afternoon exploring our colors right on our mixing table using the actual paint. Introduced just this year were the seven new blacks we added including an authentic French Slate Gray. We are excited to share these unique colors with painters and how the distinctive characteristics of colors can enhance the painting process.

Professor Richard Whitten at left demonstrating our colors to his students at our Chelsea showroom
Shown above, at left, is Richard Whitten at the table demonstrating our authentic pigments, especially our Naples Yellow Light Genuine. Visit Richard's website to view his work and more at
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