Perception of Self at Forum Gallery October 4 - November 10, 2012

The show of self-portraits by 36 artists, Perception of Self, at Forum Gallery opened on October 4, and is on view through November 10, 2012, with work both instant and insightful.  Mostly paintings in oil but also other media, plus drawings and several sculptures this intriguing exhibit made clear the challenge of self-portraiture to achieve more than a likeness captured in a particular moment and move towards a fuller revelation of self and the essence of one’s work.  

This was a Thursday Gallery Night on 57th Street event at the prestigious Forum Gallery on Fifth Ave., in New York City, and it was crowded.  Present at the opening was painter and long time customer and friend Jimmy Wright.  He’s pictured here beside his pastel, Self No. 4, included in the show.  See more of his great work and accomplishments at

Standing to the left of Jimmy is good friend and fellow alumnus of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, David Sharpe, another of our long time customers.  Please see a wonderful display of his work at the website of the Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago.

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