SCOTT L. CHRISTENSEN: Solitary Profession

$ 95.00

Noteworthy California painter Tony Pro journeys to Victor, ID, in the early spring of 2010 to locate one of America’s premier plein air painters, Scott L. Christensen, in his landscape, reveal his working methods, and document on a disc what painting truly is.

We are enthralled by the beauty of Scott’s finished landscapes in the opening scenes, but also get to understand and learn how it all begins in an interview with Christensen emphasizing what’s important, what’s needed and has to be found first in order to make a painting. With Scott at his easel, over the next few hours the entire process unfolds as he shares all of his decisions with the paint to achieve the initial idea for the work.


2 hours 18 minutes running time

How great to watch a painter’s painter at work: large areas of color on the palette, quickly filling in the composition with deliberate strokes, emphasizing dominant shapes, the big relationship first.

We gain real insight into how a painting evolves as Scott explains why the value and tone of a particular mixture is needed and demonstrates how he adjusts it. The painting stops being just marks and becomes a real place because he has addressed the whole, creating both balance and a focal point, given a path for movement of the eye and a rich variety of color gorgeously nuanced.

Scott gives us the sense that we’ve painted the painting too, we’ve been so included in its progress that we are delighted to see how nicely it has come along. But he doesn’t stop there. Scott Christensen gives us the real jewel when he pushes further with paint, seeing how far he can go and we witness his engagement with the paint, with color, always trying for more intensity, or pulling back and wiping paint away if it doesn’t work.

For further opportunities to study with Scott please visit his website


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