Each of these opaque, 19th-20th century mineral pigments offers intense color and a distinct tone not possible to achieve by adding white or black to just one.

Cadmium Yellows range from the lightest and most bright Cadmium Yellow Lemon, that’s cool in mixing, to the deeper and warmer pigments: Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Yellow Deep.  Cadmium Yellow Orange is warmer in mixing and lighter in value than the Cadmium Orange but both are intensely bright.

Cadmium Red Light is the lightest and most bright Cadmium Red, but it mixes warm, with Cadmium Red Medium and Cadmium Red Deep each darker in value, and the deep mixes cool.

Weight and opacity are the hallmarks of our sumptuous, chemically pure, single pigmented Cadmium colors, unmatched in their expressive capacity as density and brightness collide to full visual effect.

All milled with the finest alkali refined Linseed Oil in limited quantities for a naturally drying durable paint film.  800-932-9375