SCOTT L. CHRISTENSEN: Three Landscape Studies

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Scott L. Christensen, one of America’s premier plein air painters, gives us a wealth of insight and information as he paints three distinct landscape studies in this illuminating instructional DVD, demonstrating why the quick outdoor sketch in oil is both a worthy, though challenging, exercise in understanding the elements of picture making and an indispensable reference tool for future studio work.

Before moving into the first demo, Scott outlines guiding principles to organize the abundant visual information that will enable a plein air painter to make quick decisions in the ever changing light of nature, stressing how that light alters and influences the composition even as it holds it all together.  Using the information from two separate studies painted on site, he creates fresh a new work, South Park Summer, at his easel in the studio in this first demonstration, maintaining the sense of place of the first outdoor study but now, in this new painting, with a different time of day and season of the year, utilizing the perceptions previously captured in his second study.

Demonstration #2 really instills the necessity of careful observation, especially to value, when as in hisWarbonnet Rock Fields, a constantly changing cloud pattern influences form and reassigns color with a raking light.  A quick burst of color and light fills the final demonstration as Scott repaints a study he did in England, Salisbury Sunset.  Throughout these demonstrations we are able to observe Scott mix with a sizable trowel, the paint he will need for each study, figuring out on the palette first the approximate colors of the light, stressing value, and how they change and relate to one another, so that he can paint faster once he starts only needing to quickly adjust his mixtures with additional touches of more color or white, using a brush, as each painting progresses.

Watching Scott, the alchemy of painting unfolds with his brush held at its end, a wavering searching wand pausing only to touch lightly at a pure primary, drop it into his creamy neutral, stir, and back up to the canvas for more delicate touches and turns as he shapes and defines the light, magically swirling it into pure beauty right before our eyes.

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