A Set of Two DVD's! Scott Christensen

$ 150.00 $ 190.00

Purchase both of Scott Christensen's new DVD's as a set and save $40.

Composing the Many Elements of a Scene:  When painting outdoors, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information available. Deciding where to start, what the focal point is, what to leave out, and what to keep, are all a series of small inspired choices.  This video explains the "why" behind these decisions while keeping the whole in mind, always working toward that ever-important last 10 percent.

Establishing a Key that Reads:  One of the many things Christensen is known for is a close value structure.  To achieve this, it is important to establish an overall key early on in the painting process that will be carried throughout the painting.  In Establishing a Key that Reads, he will demonstrate not only the initial blocking-in of the painting, but reworking the entire piece to re-establish his key as per need of the painting.  Only then will he be able to work toward finish.

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