Aurora by Linda Ganus Albulescu, oil on canvas 2021

Pictor Gallery presents a duo exhibition, KIND OF BLUE, by Linda Ganus Albulescu and Linda Dujack, on view through June 25, 2022, in the gallery's new space in the Landmark Arts Building at 547 West 27th St., suite 204, NYC.

A closing reception is planned for this Thursday, June 23rd, from 6pm-8pm, to celebrate the show: "Whether in the shimmer of a dress, a band of azure sky, or the tangled waves of the ocean, shades of blue can evoke a whole spectrum of emotions. Linda G. and Linda D. take the viewer on a visual journey featuring this mysterious and beautiful hue.

Seascape in G Minor by Linda Ganus Albulescu, 2022, oil on canvas

Seascape in G Minor, by Linda Ganus Albulescu, 2022 oil/canvas

"in my work, I often grapple with our relationships to the natural world, as well as the nature of our relationships. In this group of symbolist cloudscapes, I explore the ways in which different color notes can act as chromatic keys to unlock our memories and stimulate our deep emotions." - Linda Ganus Albulescu. 


Gift From the Sea by Linda Dujack, mixed media, 2022

Gift From the Sea by Linda Dujack, 2022 mixed media

"My art is about things that shelter daydreams, such as nature, the sea, sailboats, houses, music, and recently, dresses. Dresses make me dream of becoming Cinderella, dancing at the ball in a dreamy dress. My first love was printmaking and I continue to work with drypoint (which lets me "take a line for a walk"), monoprints, and chine collé. I am also a painter and I incorporate printmaking into my paintings." - Linda Dujack

To view more work from the artists visit their websites at:

Linda Ganus Albulescu

Linda Dujack

Imaged above is Aurora by Linda Ganus Albulescu, oil/canvas, 2021


Sharon's Class Demo

Sharon Sprung's class group photo at our Chelsea showroom

We were delighted to welcome Sharon Sprung and a group of her students from The Art Students League on May 19th to our newly reopened Chelsea showroom on West 27th Street in NYC.

Gathered around our mixing table for a color demonstration, participants taking Sharon's Painting from Life class were keen to ask and get answers to their technical questions about paint and the painting process.

How completely different each of the white pigments mix was included as we put out on the table our pure Titanium White, pure Flake White, and pure Zinc White to show the distinct changes in value, temperature and even the physical properties of the resulting mixtures. Differences between modern pigments and the traditional earth and mineral colors were demonstrated and why all are valuable for a painter's palette.

Sharon Sprung's class visit to our Chelsea showroom

Thank you to Je and Donna for sharing the group photos!



Night Musings by Margaret Tsirantonakis
Prince Street Gallery presents Nocturne, a group exhibition, through April 23, 2022, at their new quarters in the Landmark Arts Building in Chelsea:  547 W. 27th St., NY, NY.

Taking the 19th century painter, James McNeil Whistler, and his approach to “nocturne” as inspiration and challenge, the more than two dozen works shown explore the many nuances of little to no light, in both reality and suggestion.

View the full exhibition online here or visit Prince Street Gallery’s light filled 5th floor space, Suite 504.

Imaged above is Night Musings, by Margaret Tsirantonakis, a 2022 oil on linen.